valleylocal 6 years, 1 month ago on VFW, Craig City Council discuss reopening negotiations

Just a reminder...the pool and the land north of the pool are not in question. The portion they are talking about is the land between the pool and VFW. I wanted to clarify that.


valleylocal 6 years, 2 months ago on MCHS play moving forward in spite of tragedy

Buff_bronco_fan- You are an inconsiderate piece of work. How could you write something to the magnitude that you did!!! This is a huge loss to Mrs. Dahlberg. I have suggested removal of your insensitive and appalling message, PLEASE CDP, remove Buff_bronco_fans comment.

Thanks 3canines for taking the time to educate the ignorant commenters-READ and/or RE-READ the article people. Have a great day, God bless Mrs. Dahlberg, her family, and her cast and crew.


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ranger520, Just because someone doesn't have the same opinion or voted differently than you, doesn't give you any right to insult. You're welcome to state your opinion, but please don't hurl insults or derogatory remarkes to other people with different opinions!


valleylocal 6 years, 5 months ago on Do you believe changing locations of the Whittle the Wood Rendezvous from Craig City Park to Loudy-Simpson Park would be positive or negative for the community’s biggest annual event?

tselan and eveyone else, 1st-JW Snacks was not the liquor vendor last year...two local non-profit organizations (who joined forces) were. The winning bidder had nothing to do with the "good old boys", they received the bid because they met the criteria setout by the City and State. Also, its the City's call to move the event, not the vendors. 2nd-The City of Craig had open bids on the liquor sales and only two organizations placed bids. There was certain criterias that had to be met by the bidders (T.I.P.S certified servers, liquor liability insurance, and people power, just to name a few). 3rd-The Police department checking ID's on private property isn't harassment. Private property or not, you must be at least 21 years of age, carry valid proof of ID, and not be on parole or probation in order to drink legally.

These are just some basic facts...some commonsense and a little research goes along way. See ya at Whittle the Wood!!!


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With over a 60 year history, DECA has touched the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946. Their strong connection with our organization has resonated into a brand that people identify as a remarkable experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. DECA’s programs and activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest technology and apply cutting edge educational research. Our core focus has remained consistent and is captured in our mission.


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.


Our guiding principles explain how we fulfill our mission by addressing what we do and the outcomes we expect. DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, applying learning in the context of business, connecting to business and the community and promoting competition. Our student members leverage their DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders.

ATTRIBUTES AND VALUES Our attributes and values describe DECA's priorities and standards. We value competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork.

DECA is organized into two unique student divisions each with programs designed to address the learning styles, interest and focus of its members. The High School Division includes 185,000 members in 5,000 schools. The Collegiate Division (formerly known as Delta Epsilon Chi) includes over 15,000 members in 200 colleges and universities.

DECA Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit student organization with members in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Canada, China, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The United States Congress, the United States Department of Education and state and international departments of education authorize DECA’s programs.

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DavidMoore, Please keep in mind that vendors selling beer/liquor are required to purchase liquor liability insurance, and other overhead costs are involved that the average patron doesn't realize. I believe this years vendor is charging $3 for Bud/Bud Light and $4 for Bluemoon, but don't 'quote' me on this. Your estimate of $.25 a cup is way off. I hope this clarifies some misconceptions.


valleylocal 7 years, 7 months ago on Marquilla Hood: Too cold to play outside

Perfectly stated 'kindraann'! Hopefully, Maquilla Hood doesn't get a strong backing of support to her request. One thought just came to mind, if she doesn't want her children outside, i'm sure the school would allow them to 'sit' in the Principals office during lunch, recess, and P.E.


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Sounds like your Father has been trying to 'change' for 19 years...WOW! Must be impossible to break bad habits and act like a regular citizen.