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Faith Column: A noble mule

Cowboy church is different due to the subjects we talk about. Here is a short story that I hope you all can enjoy and relate to.

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Faith Column: The concept of creation

I was all of 12 and had just finished devouring J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and was looking for anything else I could find by the author. In the library squeezed between “The Hobbit” and “The Silmarilion” was a thin book called “Leaf by Niggle.” In that book was an essay called “On Fairy Stories.” It turned out to be a defense of why he wrote his fantasy epic.

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Faith Column: A new creation

2 Corinthians 5:17 — Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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Weekend Roundup: Running, riddles and rocking music

April showers have been prominent lately in Northwest Colorado. Whether the adage about May flowers is true remains to be seen, but plenty of events are sprouting up this weekend.

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Riddle rooms with props, clues and mysteries open to entertain Craig youth on Friday

Adventures will soon come to life at Craig Christian Church through a series of riddle rooms designed for entertainment, team building and fundraising for the church’s youth.

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Faith Column: Love and hate

We just celebrated Resurrection Day, a time of joyfully remembering God’s ultimate act of love through Jesus’ sacrifice to pay the debt for our sins. God loves us and there is no doubt about it. But, have you heard the saying, “Love the sinner, but hate the sin?” How can we love and hate at the same time? How can God be love and yet hate anything?

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Hundreds flock to New Creation Church of Craig’s Easter egg-stravaganza

Easter weekend holds many surprises and causes for celebration for families, and those who turned out to the grounds at New Creation Church of Craig had plenty of both. The annual Easter egg hunt spectacular hosted by the local place of worship saw more than 1,000 total people turn out as 470 children hit the grass to get their share of 25,000 plastic eggs containing candy, prizes and more.

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Faith Column: Happy Resurrection Sunday!

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. At the Journey, we prefer to refer to this Sunday as Resurrection Sunday. It seems that “Easter” has been co-opted by confectioners and greeting card connoisseurs.

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Craig kids collect candy, fun in State Farm Easter egg hunt

Business provides prizes, 17,000 eggs in first year of event

Kids and parents flocked to Craig City Park park during the weekend for the inaugural Easter egg hunt hosted by State Farm Insurance.

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Faith Column: Cowboy Church

We have a Cowboy Church here in Craig. When I tell people about it they say, “Just what is a Cowboy Church?” So I thought that it would be best to take the time to explain why so many Cowboy Churches are springing up everywhere. Here is the explanation best I can do.

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Eggs-cellent holiday events coming to Craig

Egg hunts by State Farm, New Creation Church take place during weekend

Easter Sunday is April 16, but it’s the coming Saturdays that will provide a fun lead-in to the festivities in Craig. Easter egg hunts are scheduled during the next two weekends, including a State Farm-sponsored event and New Creation Church’s annual celebration.

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Faith Column: The grace of God’s love

A church body known as “Lutheran” has been around for about 500 years. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has been in America since the late 1840s. And many people still ask, “What do Lutherans preach? What do Lutheran’s sound like?” On this, the 500th anniversary, we have a unique opportunity to share what some call “the Lutheran difference.”

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Faith Column: The power of forgiveness

C.S. Lewis observed, “Forgiveness is a beautiful word, until you have something to forgive.”

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Faith Column: The meaning of Lent

Lent, and the practices that are consistent with that period of time, is not something that is found in the Holy Scriptures, but is considered to be tradition in the history of the Christian Church.

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Faith Column: Exercise your spiritual being

As I sat down to the computer to prepare this week’s column, I took a moment to offer a silent prayer. Asking for spiritual guidance in choosing a topic seems like a prudent thing to do. After I completed my prayer and opened my eyes, my 11-year old asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was asking Jesus to help me prepare a good column, he replied, “Um, well, it hasn’t worked yet.” Leave it to a kid to help keep me humble.